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We help our customers overcome the limitations of legacy email tools with a dedicated mail client and powerful automation

Tags, Shortcuts & Email Rules

All articles regarding our Tags, Shortcuts & Email Rules

Notifications, Alerts & Collaborative Tools

Shipfix features live notifications in response to the demand for instant reactivity act faster teamwork


All articles pertaining to the Shipfix Maps and related features such as AIS vessel tracking, tonnage/orders lists, Heatmaps, distance table, etc.

Market Insights

All articles related to the Market Insights dashboard, its content and how we process the underlying data

Tonnage Screens

All articles relating to the automated Tonnage screens on Shipfix

Orders Screens

All articles relating to the automated Orders screens on Shipfix

Fixtures Screens

All articles relating to the automated Fixtures screens on Shipfix

Distance Calculator

All articles relating to the Port->Port, Vessel AIG->Port and Long/Lat->Port Distance Calculator

Shipfix Mobile

Shipfix Mobile - how to get it, how to use it, what it delivers and what we're bringing to it

Vessel Directory

Questions related to our vessel database and ship particulars

Ports & Terminals

Find out more about our extensive ports and terminals database


Your questions about your Shipfix instant messenger platform

Account & Payment

Questions on all things related to your account and billing

Data & Security

Let's talk about your data and our commitment to your security

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In this section we cover the basics of Shipping and the freight market for the benefit of market newbies