What support do I receive when I use Shipfix?

Shipfix clients benefit from multiple levels of support, the foundation of which is a real human relationship

Once you've been provided access to the Shipfix platform, the Shipfix Customer Success team will contact each of your team to arrange a 1 to 1 setup sessions. Each User of the platform is provided 1 to 1 support with their setup to ensure that they're comfortable with their platform usage and that the platform is tailored for their specific daily needs.

The Shipfix Customer Success team remain on hand to host review sessions, feedback gathering and Q/A throughout each Users lifetime on the platform.

Each Customer Success Representative is supported by our Development Team (to ensure that all feedback is gathered and, if required, updates are made to the platform), our Sales Team (to ensure that any commercial matters are dealt with efficiently) and our Management (to ensure that any issues are prioritised with the appropriate urgency if required).

All feedback from our clients is delivered to our Development Team and roadmapped into fortnightly development 'sprints'. Feature updates and releases are notified to all Users through the platform itself and via our Customer Success Representatives.

Shipfix clients can reach out to their relationship manager directly via phone or email.

We also offer various communication channels which can be used to report issues but also to share your thoughts and suggestions:

  • ✉️ Our support email address clients@shipfix.com
  • 💬 The live support chat  is accessible at any time within your Shipfix environment. During office hours, we typically reply in a matter of minutes 
  • Here you can also find the smart Shipfix Support Cente

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