What does Shipfix do with my data ?

Shipfix processes emails as part of its service to you and your team.

Shipfix extracts commercial data from emails in order to structure and display information to you on your tonnage and orders screen. Of course, some basic features such as simple text searches across your inbox are no different to other mail clients and require us to access emails in order for you to perform such tasks.

Shipfix aggregates and anonymises data from across the community to produce unique market insights. To protect our customers and comply with our GDPR obligations these data processes are irreversible.

Shipfix does not compromise the raw sensitive data of contributing clients.
Our aggregated and anonymised data insights benefit the whole Shipfix Community

These processes enable us for example to provide the most up-to-date vessel particulars, such as advertised consumption curves for a significant proportion of the global commercial fleet. Thanks to our contributing community, we have managed to build unprecedented overviews of supply and demand across chartering markets. 

Shipfix is independent and our demonstrated track record as a leading product and engineering team enables us to deliver such services for the maritime and trade communities. The trust from our clients also stems from our foundation of independence in the maritime space.

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