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Settings - User & Inbox Management

As 'Managers' or 'Owners' you have Admin rights to manage your Shipfix Userbase and their access to inboxes from within the Shipfix Platform.

From the [Company Name] icon (your company name in the top left of your platform), or from the Settings (your initials in the top right), you can Manage Users Access to Shipfix and their Inboxes.


    'Inboxes' Management

    The 'Inboxes' area within your 'Settings' allows you to define User access for each of the connected Group Inboxes.  Click on the grey wording 'manage', next to the 'Shared' toggle:

    • Using the tick boxes, select or deselect users who should or should not have access to the specific inbox. When finished selecting/deselecting click 'Update'.


    User Management

    Clicking on 'Manage Users' takes you to the 'Users' tab in the 'Settings' where you can:

    • View all Users from your company that have access to Shipfix

    • Check and amend User access rights for Group Inboxes
    • Assign users to 'Team' tags and create 'Teams' (click on '+ Link to a Team', under 'Teams')
    • Remove Users on a 1 by 1 basis (click on 'Remove User') NOTE: to ensure you don't do this by mistake, you'll be asked to type the user's name to reconfirm
    • When you're finished, click 'Update'

    If you need these Admin rights but don't currently have them:

    Contact the Shipfix team