Tonnage - Toolbar

  • Funnel Filters offers advanced filter categories to supplement the column heading filters.
  • Sort & Prioritise Columns to re-arrange and prioritise tonnage positions in the list.
  • Add a tonnage position manually from an external source to your tonnage list.
  • Export your tonnage list in text or in an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Customise columns in your tonnage list to your preference.
  • Pre-set Views allow you to view either All, Extracted, Added/Edited or Hidden Tonnages.
  • Able to make enable a quick "able to make" distance calculation to determine which vessels in the list are able to make/arrive at a specific area within a specified date range.
  • Share tonnage tabs to collaborate with colleagues by giving them View or Edit permissions.
  • Results Tracker shows the number of unique results in the tonnage list.