Tonnage - Pre-set Filter Views

View pre-set filters for your Tonnage list

The pre-set filters icon found in a tonnage toolbar tab allows you to filter your tonnage list with 5, pre-set, filtered views of your tonnage screen.

The table below presents the 5 available pre-set filters by which to view your tonnage list...

  View Description
  • All Tonnage
This view includes both extracted from emails and manually added tonnage positions (but does not display hidden positions)
  • Extracted Tonnage
This view only displays tonnage positions extracted from emails
  • Added/ Edited Tonnage
This view displays tonnages that are only manually entered or edited
  • Hidden Tonnage
This view displays tonnage positions that are hidden from the user’s view. Note, when a tonnage position is hidden from the list, this action of hiding a position only applies to the user that hid it, and does not hide the position from his/her colleagues
  * Deleted Tonnage

This view option is only available for Managers and Admins. When a Tonnage is deleted it will be erased/disappear for all users across the organisation. 


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