Tonnage - 'Ship Centric' View

Achieve a concise tonnage list with 'Ship Centric' view on

Toggling 'on' the 'Ship Centric' feature on the tonnage toolbar provides a condensed list of tonnage positions. 

The Ship Centric view prioritises the most current and closest opening position for each vessel (rather than displaying all potential ETA positions that may be listed in emails).

Case Study

A particular vessel may be marketed in several emails all announcing different positions, for example:

email 1: Passing Passero 5th August,

email 2: ETA Gibraltar 8th August,

email 3: ETA South West Pass 23 August

  • These may be from different senders, or sent by same sender at different times.
  • Ship Centric 'off' will display each position separately on separate rows, as listed in your emails
  • Ship Centric 'on' will prioritise the current opening position, closest to the current date. So, using the above example, if today is 4th August, the Vessel will show as open in Passero 5th Aug on the tonnage list.

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