Tonnage - Sort Columns

You can apply multiple sorting conditions to your Tonnage List using the sort icon  to prioritise your list.

To sort columns,

  • Click on the sort icon.

  • Select a column heading by clicking on Add a sort.

  • Select the sort order: ascending (smallest to largest or oldest to newest; e.g. A-Z or 0-9) or descending (largest to smallest or newest to oldest; e.g. Z-A or 9-0).

  • You can add another column to sort by clicking on + Add a Sort.

  • You can also order the priority of column to sort by dragging and dropping the six dots above or below another sort option.

Case Study 

A user decides to apply 2 types of sort filter to their tonnage list ...

  • 1st filter - 'date received' with sort option in 'descending' order (i.e. from newest/freshest emails received to oldest emails received)   &
  • 2nd filter - 'open dates' with sort option 'start date' in 'ascending' order (i.e. sort on the 'start date' so that the closest 'opening start date' to today is displayed first, followed by 'opening start dates' furtherest away from today's date). 
  • The user may then decide they would like to prioritise seeing the closest open dates of vessels first,  over seeing the latest of emails received and so would need to move the 'open start date' filter above the 'date received' filter in the sort list