Tonnage - Column Filters & Toolbar Options

Create focused tonnage lists specific to your business needs using Column Filters & the Tonnage Toolbar

The following combination of filtering methods & features enable you to create focused tonnage lists

A. Column Filters

B. Tonnage Toolbar

A. Column Filters 

  • Column headings on a tonnage tab have the dual purpose of serving as a column 'title' & as a column 'filter'. 
  • Click into a column heading to setup the column-specific 'filter' (set the parameters so they fit your business focus and needs).

Note  Column filters are customisable


B. Tonnage Toolbar 

The Tonnage Toolbar (available on all tonnage tabs) allow you to apply further filters and use features that help create a focused tonnage list that fit your business requirements ...


There are 9 different options in the Tonnage Toolbar to help create a focused, sharable tonnage list:

  • Add  add a tonnage position from an external source to you tonnage list
  • Export  export your tonnage list in various formats
  • Customise  customise column layout and order the tonnage screen to your preference 
  • Pre-set Filters - select which pre-set filter to apply to your tonnage list view
  • Ship Centric - Summarise listed positions of the same vessel under one entry on list
  • Ballasters - perform a quick "able to make" distance calculation to check which of the listed vessels are able to make/arrive at a specific area by a specified date range
  • Share - share a tonnage tab with colleagues 

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