Tonnage - 'Add' a Tonnage Position

'Add' a Tonnage position easily to your Tonnage list

Vessels/Tonnage positions received from external sources other than those received in your emails (e.g. a tonnage position received over a call or via WhatsApp/Skype) can be easily added to your tonnage list.

There are 2 ways in which to do this:

1.  'Add' icon 

    • Click on the 'Add' icon from the Tonnage toolbar of a Tonnage tab. 

    • Copy/Paste your received tonnage position into the white "Add Tonnage" box in the "Paste description..." section,
    • The details of the Tonnage Position will auto-fill into the fields in the bottom half of the white box.
    • If necessary, correct any field information straight from within the fields in the white box
    • Click on the  'Add' button (bottom right corner of white box) to add the vessel to your list.

2.  Plus '+' symbol

    • From the main menu bar (blue ribbon on left of your screen) find the 'Tonnage' sub-heading and click on the '+' symbol next to the subheading.
    • The white box, 'Add Tonnage', appears.
    • Follow the last four points as described above.

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