Tonnage - Export

Export your tonnage list in various formats

The 'Export' icon allows you to export your tonnage list in 3 formats,

1. Copy to Clipboard

  • Copy your tonnage list in a 'comprehensive summary' format to your clip board and paste it in an email composer, word document etc., as shown in below example:

2. Copy to Clipboard (1-line), & copy last ship comment

  • Copy your tonnage list to your clip board in a  'short, 1-line' format and paste these positions in an email composer, word document etc.  Using this format will also copy any 'ship comment' last displayed in the 'ship comment' column for the particular tonnage position.  See below example...

3. Export to Excel

  • In the 'Export to Excel' section (of the Export icon) toggle on/off column headings you want to export
  • Click on the blue 'Export'  button and your list will be exported to an MS Excel spread sheet (populated with the column headings that you toggled on)

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