The Shipfix community

The rewards of contributing to a global dataset

Shipfix users include some of the world's foremost operators, traders, charterers and brokers. The community model has enabled us to deliver on two important items:

  1. Produce unique data insights that until recently were unattainable for the industry. These can only be compiled by one truly independent and trusted data company in the market, and;
  2. Iterate and continuously improve our product over time to narrow down the best solution for market. At the heart of this are the strong relationships and feedback from our customers.

Our customers currently enjoy the most granular and accurate filters for their inbox and tonnage & orders screen. These features are fully integrated with the most detailed directories in the market, featuring vessels, ports, people, companies and terminals.

Our unique market insights feature an unprecedented daily flow of information such as our anonymised and aggregated indicators for tonnage and orders globally. We build trade flow analytics for more than 460 types of products across the whole journey: from the stage of a market order, through to physical loading, voyage at sea, and discharge at destination.

In producing such insights together with our contributing clients, we have validated the power of our community to deliver information on a level that no-one else has managed so far. 

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