Shipfix Mobile (Android)

We have released Shipfix Mobile app! This should help you spend more time on the golf course... here's how to download it and its main features ...


Download Shipfix Mobile (Android)

The following steps walk you through how to download Shipfix Mobile for your Android phone:
  1. Click the following link to access Shipfix Mobile app for Android - Google Play Store

  2. In the search bar of the browser, enter the Shipfix URL address that you use to enter the Shipfix platform 
  3. You will be taken to a login screen - fill in your login details

    2021-05 Mobile SSO login

  4. Once logged into the platform download the app version onto your phone:
    • on this screen click on the 3 horizontal dotsin the bottom right corner,
    • a list of options appears, select "Request Desktop Site"

5. To log in, fill in your details either by using Single Sign On (SSO) with Microsoft or Google, or with your Shipfix credentials (your email address & password)

 6. Once successfully signed in, you will be taken by default to the 'inbox' screen of the mobile app.

Exploring Shipfix Mobile Features

Users of Shipfix Mobile can currently access and view the following features:

    • Use Inbox, Sent, Outbox & Drafts views
    • You can see bookmarked tabs as created on Shipfix Desktop
    • You can compose, reply/reply-all and forward emails
    • You can send to Contact Lists as created in Shipfix Desktop
    • You can view bookmarked tabs as created on Shipfix Desktop
    • You can search emails via Body and Subject TIP: Use "quotation marks" to search in an exact string (like Google)
    • Tag emails
    • NB: What is 'marked as read' on the Shipfix Mobile, is reflected on Shipfix Desktop, and vice versa

      Note To use the Shipfix app you need to be online.