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Settings - Email Rules

Can I create email rules to automatically apply a Tag(s) to my emails?

Yes you can!

Email rules is a very flexible and sophisticated way to organise your Mailbox.

You can:

  • select and apply a lot of different Conditions and Actions.
  • select if you want to apply the rule just for your inbound, outbound, or both Emails and then you can choose from
    • General email conditions (sender, subject etc.)
    • Orders email conditions (Laycan, Cargo size etc.)
    • Tonnage email conditions (Open Dates, Open Areas etc.)
    • Ship Specification conditions (Ship size, Vessel name etc)
  • create shared or personal rules (depending on whether the inbox is shared or personal)


Note: Email Rules only apply to new emails received, after a rule is created


After setting your Conditions you can choose what the Actions will be. You can select one Tag or multiple Tags. These Tags could be for a person, a company, a Job, a Team, a Ship, a Port, or you can create a "private" or "shared" Custom Tag.