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Settings - Contact Lists

Creating and managing contact lists helps you control distribution of emails.

CREATE a Contact List:

  • Create and maintain as many Lists as you need with as many associated contacts as you want (no limitation)
  • NOTE: you Contact Lists are viewable and useable by you and any of your colleagues, so name them accordingly!
  • Add contact into a list by simply copy and pasting them in the field, or type them manually (Shipfix will predict the contact as you type...)
  • Delete any list that is not relevant anymore
  • Search for a contact in a specific list 
  • Edit or remove a specific contact detail from a list
  • Copy your contacts email address to your clipboard
  • Duplicate a list to create a new list with minor changes


SENDING to a contact list:

  • In the TO box at the top of an email, start typing the name of the list and it will appear in the field. 
  • Once you selected it, it will automatically switch to BCC in order to avoid copying all receipients into the email by mistake 
  • You could also send it openly (with all recipients in cc) by dragging and dropping the list back in to the “To’’ field. 
  • Before you send, you can search for and deselect contacts from the list that you don’t want to receive the email (search by name, or email address contents)