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Shipfix was founded in 2018 by co-founders Serge Alleyne and Antoine Grisay to address the problem of email overload. We started by investing 2 years of research and development with our team of software engineers and data scientists to build our in-house deep learning technology that "parses" (extracts) data from a mountain of emails.

This allowed us to release a smart inbox which featured an unprecedented number of smart filters and a dedicated tonnage and orders screen that is fully searchable and filterable. This intensive development process was only made possible thanks to the trust of our first operators and brokers who shared our vision and supported us by opening their commercial inboxes to us from day 1. The first name amongst those was Conti7 in Antwerp.

Today, Shipfix provides a comprehensive software suite, including some of the smartest data and workflow tools ever seen for the shipping and trade sectors. We work with some of the leading vessel owners, operators, shipbrokers, industrials, commodity houses, and institutions. We provide unprecedented predictive market insights for the global trading community.

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