Orders - Main Screen - "All Orders" Tab

Shipfix's Order screen can be used as a base from which to create, customise & monitor focused order lists

Order - Main Screen: "All Orders" Tab

Shipfix's Main (default) Order screen displays a list of "all orders" either extracted from your emails, or added by you or your colleagues.

  • The Order screen is setup in a matrix formation, where column headings double-up as filters.
  • Clicking on a line item from the list further expands it to reveal all underlying emails associated with that order...

  • Each listed line item has icons enabling you to perform various actions, as illustrated ...
  • The following table describes icons on a line-item of a list from an orders screen ...
    Icon Name Description
    Hide  Hides a specific order from your tabs
    Edit  Edit an Order; used when certain details needs updating or correcting 
    Senders Indicates the number of Senders who have sent you the order
    Emails Indicates the number of underlying emails received for the order
    Ship Dead Weight  indicates ship size in deadweight (dwt Summer)
    Cargo Weight indicates cargo size in metric tonnes (MT)
    Port Opens up the "info" section within the port directory for the specific port 
    Comment Allows you to add comment(s) about the order
    Find best tonnage allows you to find the 'best match' tonnage positions for the specific order 
    3 dots menu opens up a menu of further option of features


Using Shipfix filters & tabs create focused lists to reflect your exact business needs:

  • Filtering - The choice of filters allow you to define ship(ping) specific parameters e.g. deadweight, load areas, lay-can, amongst others (as explained above)
  • Tabs - allows you to generate new tabs or duplicate existing tabs and create different business scenarios to focus on (the logic behind tabs is discussed here)

You can use 2 main filter areas to focus your Order list:

1. Column filters

  • Click into any column heading to set the desired parameters for that filter,

  • you can review column filters here

2. Funnel Filters

  • The Order funnel filter can be reviewed here