Email - Inbox Toolbar

The toolbar helps optimize your inbox view in an easy and fast way.


You can sort ascending or descending your emails based on the Date the emails have been received.



There are two ways you can display your inbox screen:

  • Cards Display
  • Table Display



You can customize your view by toggling on or off the available columns to view only information you want to see on your screen. You can also drag and move around the column order.

Search in body and subject

In the search bar provided you can search for keywords contained either in the body or subject of an email.

  • Query afra will match afra or aframax, either in the email body or subject
  • Query philipp papas will match philipp alexander papas
  • Query "philipp papas" won’t match philipp alexander papas
Enable exclusion of keyword like Google does
  • Query afra -aframax will match emails where there is afra but not aframax
  • Query "philipp alexander" -papas will match emails where there is philipp alexander or philipp-alexander but not papas

Group Conversations

By toggling on this option, you will be able to group emails by conversations/threads which means less rows and a more tidy and neater inbox.