Email - Inbox Tabs

You can create an infinite number of Tabs to help you focus only on areas of interest.

All inbox tabs are live and dynamic, meaning there is no need to refresh your inbox manually. Your filters work automatically as you receive emails live.

You can have Tabs dedicated to e.g. 

  1. A specific, linked Inbox
  2. Orders (with relevant filters applied e.g. cargo type, cargo size, load area etc.)
  3. Tonnage (with relevant filters applied e.g. open areas, vessel dwt summer etc.)
  4. A particular Vessel Name (and all communications for this Vessel)
  5. Specific Sender or specific email address
  6. And many more based on the wealth of filters Shipfix offers and based on what you’d like to monitor
  7. Teamwork column options: Flagged emails, working on it emails etc

You can rename your Tabs and Bookmark them to gain easy access from the main menu bar (left side); when in a different screen of the platform, this enables you to be alerted via a live notification feed (a numbered, blue badge) indicating you have received emails in your bookmarked tab.


You can duplicate Tabs in the inbox; this opens a new Tab with the same filters allowing you to amend or add to the already applied filters without having to start afresh.

You can also duplicate a Tab in Maps, Orders & Tonnage screens allowing you to minimise the manual work of recreating a tab that may require similar filters with slight amendments.

You have the option as well to Bookmark/Undo Bookmark, Rename & Delete/Undo Delete a Tab.