Email - Inbox Line Details

Each email line on the screen contains more details and options as soon as you hover your mouse over.

Hovering your mouse over an email line changes the colour in order to highlight the email entry you are viewing. 

You will also notice 5 icon options (to the very left hand side of the email entry line), which enables you to:

  1. Open the email in a ‘New Window’
  2. ‘Print’ the email
  3. Mark it as ‘Read’ or ‘Unread’
  4. ‘Flag’ it
  5. Indicate you are ‘Working on it’, so it is visible across your organisation by appearing on the Teamwork Column. You can also filter this Teamwork column based on who is working on emails, who has made comments, and by flagged, sent or read an email. Using the above ‘indications and enables clarity within a teams and streamlines workflows and achieve real collaboration between teams across desks, departments or even located in different offices.


On the far right hand side of each email line are three dots that open a menu of further options to act on.