How do I create a new tab in Tonnage and Orders screens?

Create an unlimited number of tabs with preset filters to work on multiple business opportunities and receive alerts when a pertinent order or tonnage circulars hit your inbox screen

Whether you are looking for a particular business that requires specific search parameters, or if you are working several accounts at the same time and have limited bandwidth to monitor the whole market accordingly, this feature will help you greatly on a daily basis.

Creating a new tab

For each new search you perform in your Shipfix tonnage and order screen, we encourage you to “save” your filters in a new tab. You can filter, or set combinations of filters, for any number of specifications within each tab, and rename name all tabs. 

2020-09-06 dummy order tabs

Every time a new business circular hits your inbox, it will be extracted live and added automatically to the pertinent tonnage/order screen tabs, relative to the search parameters you have set. You'll see a blue badge notification on each relevant tab when this happens and disappears automatically once you've read it.

All tabs and alerts are live and dynamic, meaning there is no need to refresh your inbox manually. Your filters work automatically as you receive emails live.

See below example on creating tab for the tonnage offers in US Gulf, DWT 68-80K for the 15 days onward. 

Duplicating an existing tab

You can duplicate or copy an existing tab in one click by simply pressing this symbol between the tab name and the ✖️button to close the tab

2020-09-06 duplicate tab

This feature is particularly helpful if you need to create several tabs that include many of the same search/filter parameters without having to re-enter all of the criteria one by one.

Should you need more assistance on this topic, please contact the Shipfix team, we will respond to you in minutes


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