How do I add a mailbox to my Shipfix platform?

Very easily by following a few simple steps

1) Click on the "Settings" ⚙️ button on the top right of your Shipfix platform:

arrow showing settings button

2) Click on " ✉️ Inboxes":

3) Click on "Add Inbox" :

then add the mail account via Single Sign-On. This option is typically available if you work with a Microsoft and Google mail setups and allows you to add an email account rapidly and securely via a protocol controlled by your mail provider.

4) "Sign in with Microsoft" or "Sign in with Google" and follow the instructions from either of these:


5) Configure your account manually by setting up IMAP and SMTP details for your account

Please note that for performance and security reasons, we strongly advise you to connect a new inbox using Single Sign-on where available


If you encounter issues with the steps described above, please contact the Shipfix team and we will assist you with this process.

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