How can I split my inboxes?

By creating dedicated tabs for each inbox connected to the Shipfix platform.

Companies using Shipfix can connect as many inboxes as necessary to their Shipfix platform.  Each of the connected inboxes can be assigned a designated colour enabling the user to, at a glance, derive the origin of the email, i.e. which inbox an email derives from in the 'Emails' section of the platform.  

Of further help is to create dedicated Tabs for each of the connected inboxes. Creating dedicated tabs allows enhanced ability to monitor emails and inboxes as they are refreshed realtime.

The following steps illustrate how you can create dedicated tabs for each of your inboxes:

1. Within the Email section of the platform, click on the "Inbox" heading to arrive at the inbox screen.  Here you can set up dedicated tabs for any or all of the inboxes linked to Shipfix.

2. Click on the 'filter' icon within the white screen (top left corner, see magnified circle in Figure 1).

3. Click in the search tab of the "Inbox" field and select the inbox name you would like to create a dedicate a tab for (see outlined green box in Figure 1).  Once an inbox has been selected, the filter will ensure all emails from this inbox are depicted and listed in this tab and it will automatically refresh the screen as new emails are received.

4. It is important to 'rename' the newly created tab.  Do this by clicking on the tab (see Fig. 1 the outlined red box and title name underlined in pink) and renaming the tab so that you recognise what tab represents and what emails that tab is filtering for.

5. You can also 'Bookmark' the tab by clicking on the bookmark icon found in front of the tab name.  By bookmarking the tab, the bookmark icon turns yellow and the tab name will appear in the menu bar under the "Emails" section, on the left hand side of your shipfix screen (see Figure 1 long yellow box).   Bookmarking also enables you to receive live alerts (in the form of an automatically updated, blue, numbered notification badge); informing you when a new email feed is received and how many new feeds have been received for that tab.

Figure 1.

Please view the short video below demonstrating how to split your inboxes using dedicated tabs (and bookmarking the tabs for further ease).

HubSpot Video