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How do I Share Tabs with my colleagues?

Use the 'share with people' icon to easily collaborate with colleagues.

Shipfix allows you to collaborate with colleagues in a number of ways.  You can use tags, group and direct messaging, or comment in various screens of the platform to collaborate around specific emails, Order, Fixture, and Tonnage Positions or share ship and port specific info.  In addition to these methods of collaboration it is also possible to 'live share' your Orders, Tonnage & Fixture tabs with as many colleagues as you wish.

Click on the 'People' icon located on the top right hand corner of any tonnage order or fixture screen tab (see fig. 1 below) and select (or type in) the name(s) of the colleague(s) you would like to share the tab with.

Figure 1


You can can also choose whether you want then to have "Viewer" rights (ie they can view the tab but cannot make amendments or you can choose for them to have be an "Editor" in which case they will be able to amend the tab shared. Editor rights allows all parties to make changes and see them applied in real time, similar to working on Google Docs / Google Sheets etc). please see fig 2 below.

Figure 2

Once you have shared the tab with your colleague(s), they will receive a notification (in the Notification bar) and, if they accept your invitations to view the tab,  the shared tab will automatically appear on their screen. And you can see 'live' whether they are viewing the tab, or the last time they viewed the tab. Or indeed, whether they didn't accept the invitation and you can resend the notification to them. See fig. 3 below

Figure 3

Once they've accepted the invitation to view the tab, you, as the 'owner' of the tab, can then make changes in the "rights" that this user has on the shared Tab.

For example see fig 4, you can remove them from the shared tab, make them an 'Editor', rather than a 'Viewer', resend the notification in case they missed it and transfer the Ownership of the tab to them, so that they can then share this tab with others as well.

Figure 4