Fixtures - Main screen, toolbar

Use Shipfix's Fixtures screen as a base from which to further create, customise and monitor focused fixture Tabs/lists specific to your business needs

Shipfix platform enables focused Fixtures lists. This is done in 2 ways:

  1. Extract vital information from your emails
  2. Manually ‘add’ or ‘edit’ a listed fixture. 

Similar to the Inbox, the user can create an infinite number of Tabs based on a variety of ship-specific filters enabling the user to be precise and focus only on areas and specifics that align to their business preferences.

There is great flexibility in using, adding, copying, and exporting information.



On the top left bar of the Fixtures screen there are 6 different options to assist you in creating your view/tab and focus areas:

  • Filters - There are 3 filter categories: General, Fixture, Ship Specifications 
  • Sort - There is the option to sort ascending or descending your list on various columns
  • Add - you can add a Fixture from an external source
  • Export - Ability to export in Excel your fixture list, from a specific tab
  • Customise - Toggle on and off columns and change their order in your Shipfix view
  • View - The user can decide which Fixture list source would like to see