Fixtures - Filters, Sorting

There is a huge wealth of different filters to assist you create lists that are relevant to you and your business.

There are two filter categories:

  1. General
  2. Ship Specifications

You can narrow down and refine your view as required


Here is the option to sort ascending or descending your list on various columns such as:

  1. Date Received
  2. Charter Type
  3. Vessel Name
  4. Cargo Weights
  5. Lay-Can
  6. Delivery (DOP)
  7. Load / APS / Via
  8. Disc / Redel
  9. TC Rate ($/Day)
  10. Freight Rate ($/MT)

A user can sort every column they add in their view. 

They can also prioritise the sorting e.g. first based on Lay-Can and then by Delivery (DOP).