Email - Inbox Main Screen

Use Shipfix's Email screen as a base from which to further create, customise and monitor focused email Tabs/lists specific to your business needs

The first section on the Menu is “Emails”

It consists of the following subsections:

  1. Inbox - you can see all your emails and you can create various views based on filters and your focus areas.
  2. Outbox - this option becomes available when you send an email and disappears once the email has been sent.
  3. Sent - here you can view all sent emails through the Shipfix platform
  4. Drafts - all messages in a draft “status” appear here
  5. Folders - any mirrored folders from your email provider e.g. Outlook can be found here
  6. Shortcuts - all Tagged groups are viewable here


In ‘Inbox’ you will first see the “All Emails” tab which will show all the Active inboxes on the platform.

You can create an infinite number of Tabs to focus on what matters to you and your daily work.

You can also bookmark tabs to access them easily from the main Menu bar (on left).