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Collaborative tools - Email/Side Panel

No need to forward emails or copy and paste information to others chat platforms. You can simply mention a colleague in every Email, Order, Tonnage or Fixture.


In the Emails module:

  • You can collaborate around a specific email to draft responses, remind people of things, or upload and share any files you want the person to be able to use, or ask others for files that you need!
  • NOTE: click on (or type) the '@' symbol and select a colleague to drive a notification


  • From an opened email you can mention a colleague about a specific email/tonnage/order/fixture/operation email. The live notification they receive will take them directly to the specific email.


  • When you add a comment in an email or order/tonnage/fixtures screen, you can see a number beside of the comment bubble and also your avatar displayed in the Teamwork column will make your colleagues aware that you added a comment.