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How can I use the Shipfix Distance Calculator?

Shipfix's distance calculator feature enables more than just distance calculations from port to port.

You can find Distance Calculator at the bottom of the Market section (see fig. 1 pink box) on blue menu bar on the left hand side of your Shipfix platform screen. 

Figure 1

Figure 1 depicts the distance calculator with pre-shaded red and green areas.  The red areas represent 'Piracy Zones' and the green area the 'SECA Zones' (Sulphur Emission Control Area). 

Using the distance calculator you can map out a specific route and calculate the number of days and distance in nautical miles (nm) it takes, at a specified speed of knots (kts), with any amount of idle time built in and the ability to specify a commencement date, whilst also choosing a routing preference (e.g. 'via Suez canal' or 'via Cape of Good Hope' etc.)  in order to complete a journey between two points or for a journey with multiple legs and points.

The Shipfix distance calculator also calculates the number of days, time spent and distance covered within a Piracy and SECA zone if applicable to your routing.

What sets the Shipfix distance calculator apart from other calculators is the ability to calculate distances not only on a Port to Port(s) basis but also from Vessel to Port(s), or any point on the map to any other Point(s).

Any calculation that includes a vessel position within the specified routing uses the live AIS position of that vessel.

In summary, you can add multiple legs or insert deviation points, amend the speed between legs, change the commencement date, add any idle days, and choose a routing preference to gain accurate understanding of journey times.

The video below demonstrates the various types of routing it is possible to map out and calculate a distance for

Please see video below to see the various combinations of routings that you can calculate a distance for


Video 1

HubSpot Video


The above video highlights the enhanced flexibility that the Shipfix calculator allows you when conducting routing distance calculations